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Write articles and Earn Money From Home

Write articles and Earn Money From Home

Write articles and Earn Money From Home
Mick Mick

If you are Interested in writing you have a good chance to work from home and get money online, you can become articles writer and write for websites, companies or for people, of course, there are different types of writing but here we will focus on articles only.


Writing became a very necessary job for many companies and websites, this job may be hard at the beginning and need some patience, but once you get involved in it, you will love it and will earn lots of Money, here you will know how to be an articles writer.


1- If you have the ability to write well, this will be very helpful for your new job, but you have some rules to follow in this job, like the good language, punctuation and having some pieces of pieces of information what you write on.


2- Writing in any field has general rules all writers should follow, but once you have different types of writing you should aware of what every field need beauty writing differ from academic writing.


3- Make a blog to write in some articles to be your samples or portfolio for your clients, don't forget to write different types of articles to get different clients.


4- You have to present yourself in social media strongly that will be as a branding for yourself, make sure that your blog link is published in all of your social media accounts that will help you a lot.


5- join different sites which need article writers, most of them on the internet or in some Facebook groups.


Writing articles may be a hobby for different types of people, if you have this hobby turn it into a work and benefit from it, that will be work mixed by hobby.