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making money from your domain

making money from your domain

Making Money From Your Domain
Mick Mick

The domain is the name  that called of  the name of any website on the Internet, and it has many good ways to get money from it, as you could sell it to someone who needs it or make a website for it, here you will know how you can Making money from your Domain

1- The first step you should take to have the Domain is to choose a good name for it, it is good to stick the first (TLD) Top level Domain like .com, .net and .org to get a good name.

2- To choose your Domain name you should see the available names that didn't be purchased.

3- After you possessed your Domain you should have an account for payment, the best way of payment is to have a PayPal account.

4-  The second step that you should know what's the expected price for your Domain, there are many sites can help you know that like and

5- If your Domain has good keywords and you don't have a content in your site, you can have a domain parking service which puts a dummy page that have different ads and when visitors click at you will get money at your payment account.

6- If you choose to build a real website for your Domain it will be more valuable.

7- The last step if you're interested in selling your Domain you can do this in different ways like list your Domain  in a specialized sites like AfterNic, Flippa, GoDaddy or sedo, you can also publish in your site that this domain is for selling or you can send messages to some companies that know they may be interested in buying this.

Making money from your Domain is a good way of earning money online, but you should be aware when you're doing the steps.