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Make Money From Selling Pictures Online
Mick Mick

In the digital world making money became an easy way, as you can use the internet to make money online, our talk today is for professional or amateur photographers as they can work in selling pictures online. Let's know more.

If you have a camera you can make money from it in an easy way as there are many sites can buy your photos in this article you will take a good idea about selling pictures online.


1- Etsy, SmugMug pro, Shutterstock, and 500px Prime are good sites you can work with.

2- check the themes and requirements of every site you want to work with, as every site has a different policy and what some sites need may be rejected by others.

3- After you have chosen your site read the instructions well and be careful when you agree to these instructions, also don't forget to check the payment methods and the copyright pieces of information.

4- Make sure of all your information and especially with your home address and your method of payment, be careful with the sites that you will work with, as it should have a good reputation.

5- It's preferable to work with different sites to make money, you should know also that you shouldn't sell a picture to more than one site.

6- You should have different types of pictures as if you are specialized in one type you will have little clients, so diversity is wanted strongly.

7- Don't forget that you should take pictures yourself to avoid the problem of copyright.

Selling pictures online is a good way to earn money online, and it's an easy way for anyone who has a camera, so try to can make use of it to get more money.