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Earn Money Online From Being Transcriptionist
Mick Mick

Transcription is a good way to work from home and get money online, simply transcription means listening to an audio and write down what you heard, here we will discuss more about transcription and how to Be a transcriptionist.


How can you start transcription without training?

Of course, transcription companies prefer to hire transcriptionists especially in medical files, but this doesn't mean that you can't start or work in this field.

The easy way for any beginner to start in general transcription, as it's the easiest field and requires no specific knowledge. It can include anything like conferences, interviews, machines messages and phone answering as it has no end.


How can you get practice transcription?

There are many companies which accept beginners transcriptionist if you passed the test, but before doing anything you should have some practice to have a little experience, like trying to listen to many videos and write down what you heard.

There are some companies that give a small rate you can work on them and it's easy to be accepted there, so you can have some practice be confident, and after a while, you can apply for big companies, these companies are like transcribe me, Quicktate, Rev, and scribie.

 What're the skills you need to Be a transcriptionist?

To Be a transcriptionist you need 3 essential skills at the beginning which are:

1- You should hear well in order to transcribe well, this skill can be improved be setting in a quiet place.

2- To transcribe well you should have a good language and that may need some practice then it will be easy.

3- It's important to every transcriptionist to have good typing skills, as you will have too many words to write down and of course that will need good typing skills and speed in writing.

Transcription is an easy way for anyone to start working from home and if you are a medical student that will be a great chance for you.